Save Our Lady of the Lake Church

The quaint church that is nestled a few blocks off of Lake Pontchartrain is more than just bricks and mortar to those who grew up around it. It was the place your new born was baptized. Where your friends gathered every Sunday. It was like many communities across Louisiana, the center of the community. Its heart and soul. It was a big church but not a large church. Churches on the Southshore may have seemed grander, but they weren’t. You were not lost in the shuffle. Everyone knew everyone by first name.

Almost everyone alive today knew nothing else but the brick church on Jefferson and Lafitte. The stained glass. The tall ceiling. You could see all of your friends and neighbors across the aisle.

When you said goodbye to family and friends who passed, it was an intimate experience. Everyone was family.

This church is the embodiment of the faith of its members. It is not overly grand or ostentatious, but distinguished and a reflection of the community that surrounds it.

Many old churches in New Orleans are just abandoned. Other Parishes have replaced their old churches.  The replacements don’t often have the same feeling, the same life, the same vitality. They seem unfamiliar.

Many of us cherish that familiarity, that old friend that has been with us most of our lives. This is a church that deserves to maintain the role it has played in this community. “New” might attract some, and “grand” might attract others, but this old structure is a good fit. It is our church, our family.

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